Why Choose an Interlay Member?

If you are thinking of having any work carried out to your property - the thought can be very exciting when in reality it can often become quite daunting.

At Interlay we underestand these issues when selecting an installer to carry out the home improvement work to your property.  We advise anyone who maybe looking to select a Company to carry out the work to always consider the main points: Priority checks should be put into place, this will ensure the saving in both time and costs. Select someone who is well established who you can trust.  Select an Installer who can guarantee should anything go wrong, they will endeavour to put it right.  Select an Installer who can guarantee their work and has a creditable reputation.

There are many other things to take into consideration when selecting an Installer, which is why with an Interlay Member, we at Interlay have already carried out these checks and selected our members.  All members have been vetted and the checks that have been carried out ensure that they meet with the standards set to become a member of Interlay.

Interlay is the only Independent Association of Paving Contractors dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest professional standards.

By choosing an Interlay member you can enjoy the improvement to your home because all of our members are dedicated to their customers and aim to provide a high level of service and commitment.

Below are just a few reasons why you should choose an Interlay member.

why choose us




  • Peace of Mind
  • All Interlay members are vetted to the highest of standard to ensure all works are carried out in accordance with British Standards
  • A Code of Practice that all members must adhere to
  • All our members receive the lastest guidance on Paving and SuDS regulations
  • If you have a problem and are unable to resolve this directly with a member, Intelay will mitigate and help resolve the issue in a effiicient and timley manner
  • An idependent surveyor can be  instructed if required to help resolve a problem
  • Award winning members

    Peace of mind

    Peace of mind is a wonderful thing and something you can be sure of with an Interlay member