Is your driveway legal?

Changes to planning law for England aim to curb the paving-over of front gardens with impermeable  surfaces to make drives and car parking areas. Similar measures also now apply in Scotland.When it  comes to selling your home, the buyer’s solicitor will want to make sure that you have met these rules, otherwise this could be a problem for the buyer in future.

Interpave has published a new version of its popular guide:‘Paving for Rain: responsible rainwater  management around the home – guidance for householders’.

The first part of the guide explains the rules and how you can make themost of concrete block and flag paving around your home to satisfy them, and still create a beautiful garden using the latest permeable  paving products and other techniques.Then, the second part of the guide gives straight forward design  and construction  guidance for
home-owners, designers and contractors.

This document, and many more, can be downloaded for free from the Interpave website.

Just click here or on the image for a short cut to this document.

Why not share the information with your friends and neighbours to ensure that everyone has been made aware of these regulations.

If you would like any advice, please contact the Interlay office