Permeable Paving and SuDS

flood defense 1Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is a term used to describe methods of handling excess water from heavy rainfall and handling it responsibly, so that it does not add to the flood risk downhill from the development.

With increased storms and heavier rainfall, this is a serious issue for many householders and businesses already, and the risks of flooding are on the increase. One such method is Permeable Paving.

Cwet blockoncrete block permeable paving is a unique sustainable drainage (SuDS) technology championed by Interpave. It is a particularly effective source control, removing pollutants at the head of the management train and treating water before it passes to other, sensitive soft landscaping SuDS features. It attenuates water runoff during storms, avoiding downstream flooding, and can also be used as a steady source of clean water for landscaping or for water harvesting.

Concrete block permeable paving can handle runoff from roof drainage, as well as adjacent impermeable surfaces, and requires no additional land-take, making it efficient for high-density projects. It also provides a consistent, firm, safe surface without puddles or ice formation. With the same visual characteristics as other precast concrete paving it is available in a growing range of styles, colours and textures. Concrete block permeable paving is an established technology, with projects performing well after 20 to 30 years use with minimal maintenance.

All Interlay members are experienced in installing Concrete Block Paving and may have extensive experience of permeable paving systems.