NHSS30 registrations grow

Interlay is pleased to report the growing numbers of Contractors registering to NHSS30 for the National Highways Sector Scheme for the Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Modular Paving.  As well as the first registration held by FM Conway, early registrations for Colas and Volker Highways were recorded. Joining these early pioneers are Balfour Beatty Living Places and Golden Orb, congratulations to both.

The accreditation was awarded after the leading infrastructure services company successfully audits by a third party registered quality assessors. It assures the installed quality of all forms of modular paving products by providing an industry benchmark and a foundation for ongoing improvement, while highlighting the importance of a suitably trained workforce.

The first iteration of the scheme was originally launched in January 2013 but has been subject to an entire revision, the latest version of which was launched in May 2016. FM Conway worked closely with the Sector Scheme Advisory Committee 30 to progress the revised scheme and acted as a pilot for this.



National Highways Sector Schemes