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Card Fraud at Test Centres/Fraudulent CSCS Cards

Interlay are aware of the recent undercover investigation undertaken by the BBC Newsnight program which has identified fraudulent behaviour taking place at  three separate test CSCS card training centres. Assessors have been seen to be aiding candidates to pass certain tests, in particular the Health and Safety and Environment testing. In reaction to this the CITB have suspended at least one of the test centres featured in their programme and continue to investigate this vigorously. While fraudulent cards have been a long running issue the CITB have in passed years introduced smarter technology to combat this and again will do all they can to ensure that fraudulent cards are not in circulation.

If you have any concerns about the tests that your workers have taken, please don’t hesitate to contact CSCS direct on 0344 994 4777. They can help your workers to organise retaking their test, if they received their certificate from a test centre under investigation, suspension or which has been closed.

Benefits of NHSS30 as well as other highways sector schemes in general dive details of the training requirements for operatives and supervisors.  Available CSCS cards provided by the LISS scheme and the quality scheme requiremnts for contractors both large and small. For further information see

Further details of the NHSS30 scheme can be found on the Interlay website training hub at


New training initiative 

Go Construct have launched an exciting new initiative being facilitated by CITB and developed with more than 400 construction employers, schools, colleges, local government organisations and those with a passion for construction. The main purpose of initiative is to promote construction industry as a successful career option.
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Important Update

The latest version of the NHSS30 document is available free to download from the UKAS website

CITB commission a wide range of training and research reports about the construction industry and make them available to download in full. Please use the following link for more information:


Training Publications available to downloadNational Highways Sector Scheme 30  Flexible_Page_01

Rigid Pavement Construction – Technical Training Manual

Flexible Pavement Construction – Technical Training Manual.