CSCS Cards

CSCS Cards

card_red_traineeCSCS is the leading competency card scheme for construction. It will be required for all operatives working within a National Highway Sector Scheme Framework.

CSCS provides people employed on construction sites with a portable means of identity and proof of competence to carry out their work on site.

There are a range of CSCS cards to reflect the varied occupations in construction, colour coded to identify the job type.  Before applying check you have selected the right card for the work you undertake.

All vocational qualification attainments will have a relevant level card.

Details of the training requirememnts for operatives and supervisors (including the available CSCS cards provided by the LISS scheme and the quality scheme requirement for contractors both large and small, for further details and information see

Further details on the NHSS30 scheme can be found on the Interlay website training hub at:

Please use the following link for further CSCS information:

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