NHSS 30 – The National Highway Sector Scheme for the Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Modular Paving

This scheme will improve the installed quality of all types of modular paving products by:

  • Providing an industry benchmark• Ensuring that all processes are planned• Providing a basis for continuous improvement
  • Focusing on quality as an objective
  • Reducing overall costs for the client and supplier
  • Providing and maintaining a properly trained and competent workforce
  • Involving all sides of the industry in scheme ownership within a partnership framework
  • Ensuring that Certification Bodies are used whose auditors with technical knowledge and experience of the sector concerned
  • Promoting confidence in quality management systems by provision of a robust, transparent system.

About the National Highway Sector Scheme:

National Highway Sector Schemes are bespoke integrated management schemes within an ISO 9001 framework. They are written by technical advisory committee. The NHSS30 technical advisory committee is made up of representatives from across the paving sector, including clients, contractors, suppliers, trade associations, training organisations and certification bodies. The NHSS 30 document, among other matters, gives details of training requirements for operatives and supervisors, and information on the contents the quality plan, an essential requirement of ISO 9001.

To find out more, download the NHSS30 introductory leaflet from the Publications and News pages

Scheme Launch – January 2013

The latest National Highway Sector Scheme, aimed at improving installation quality of modular paving and supported by Interlay and Interpave, was introduceded on 25th January 2013 at a special event in London attended by over 100 contractors, Highways Engineers, Local Authority representatives and other interested professionals.

The new Scheme – NHSS30: ‘The Quality Management of the Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Modular Paving’ – will improve the installed quality of all types of modular paving including concrete blocks, flags and kerbs. It will provide an industry benchmark, ensuring that project processes are planned and use properly trained and competent installers. It will focus on continuous improvement, quality of installation and reduced ongoing costs for both the client and supplier.

The launch event included a free seminar and buffet lunch, and was held in the prestigious Abbey Centre of the City of Westminster. Seminar sessions highlighted the benefits of NHSS30, as well as Highways Sector Schemes in general. Details were given of training requirements for operatives and supervisors, and the necessary quality scheme activities for contractors, both large and small. A training manual was available free to attendees.