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Changes to Interlay – April 2018
Following the Annual General Meeting held in December 2017, Interlay has changed its focus and membership criterion. Interlay has returned to its original aim, to provide support to installers, suppliers and others working in the installation industry. As the only independent paving contractors’ trade association, Interlay is the over-arching trade association for our industry and will now be focusing on contractor’s needs for their business and employees, rather than operating as a source of direct recommendation for consumers. More details in this News Item…
Interlay Meeting – ‘not to be missed’  Announcement to be made to benefit Interlay Members financially
All Members should now have received the minutes from the summer teleconference meeting which recently took place.  We do ask for as many members to try and join us for the next meeting which we plan to hold in December 2017 in London. We will also hold the AGM at the same meeting.  Interlay have some very important news to announce which will certainly be very beneficial financially to all Interlay Members.  A new website is under design for Interlay and is hoped to be up and running for the new year.
Interlay setting the standards
Interlays secretary Colin Nessfield  was appointed as convenor to CEN Technical Committee TC178′s Working Groups 1 & 5. To read his interview on this role