Interlay – The installers you can trust

Interlay is the independent association of paving contractors dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest professional standards, both for Domestic and Commercial Installation.

“Our ‘seal of approval’ is the reassurance that your paving project has been entrusted to a reputable contractor with the necessary skill to install it to the required standard. Alongside this, Interlay membership can raise the image and reputation of those professional block paving contractors able to meet our strict qualification criteria.”

Apart from a professional commitment to produce a high standard installation every time, Interlay members can handle a wide range of  paving applications. Whether driveway, footpath, estate road, traffic calming measures, container ports or aircraft hard standings, the expertise of Interlay members will ensure a professional, attractive and durable installation every time. Interlay members are trained and equipped to carry out both domestic and commercial work to the highest level.

Furthermore, Interlay members’ skills range from traditional hand-laying methods for smaller areas, to mechanised techniques used to bring time and cost savings on larger applications. In fact, no job is too big or too small for Interlay members.

Paved driveways can enhance the character and value of any property, but homeowners should not fall into the trap of thinking nothing can go wrong with these ‘small’ areas of paving. Although not as substantial as car parks or town centres, the installation of residential driveways and patios demands require the same specialist skill and expertise and as any other paved area.

The fruits of unskilled and unscrupulous installers can be disruptive, costly and stressful, which is considered worthwhile making contact with an Interlay member for peace of mind, guidance and assurance that your chosen installer will provide a high level of service.  By choosing an Interlay member who is proven and well established gives you the reassurance that they can be contacted at anytime during the process of the work being completed and in the future after the work is completed. It is well worth seeking out your local Interlay member for peace of mind and to protect your investment.

At Interlay we believe that if asked at any time Interlay members would agree that their work is their representation for their reputation and your recommendation contributes to their future’

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