Green card changes – find the right card for you and FAQ

The CSCS have now launced their new “card finder” to help you find the right card for you please visit the CSCS website.
The changes to CSCS green cards has prompted various questions.Below are listed the most frequent enquiries.

One Contractor is stating that they will not allow CSO green card holders on site after 1st July unless they have attended the Site Safety Plus Operative course.    Is this a CSCS requirement?
No – The current green Construction Site Operative (CSO) card remains valid until its expiry date. From 1st July 2014 the CSO card will not be issued and has been replaced by the new green Labourer card.  To obtain this new Labourer card, applicants need to pass the new Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment or a recognised equivalent. The one day Site Safety Plus (SSP) Operatives training course has been recognised as an equivalent. There is no requirement to achieve both the new Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Award AND the one day SSP Operatives training course to obtain the new Labourer card. If you are aware of any contractor requiring both, please could you advise CSCS and we will investigate further.

CSCS cards confirm that card holders have achieved a minimum standard of appropriate training.  Some contractors may require workers on their sites to have achieved a higher standard for certain occupations before they allow entry to site. You are advised to check any specific requirements.

Is either the SMSTS or the SSSTS recognised as an equivalent to the Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment?
No. These courses do not cover the same content as the new award even though they are longer in duration than the one day Site Safety Plus Operative course.  The SMSTS and SSSTS are aimed at site managers and supervisors and their content reflects this.

I employ Labourers who are sometimes asked to supervise sites.  Which CSCS card should they hold?
Anyone being asked to supervise on a construction site should hold the CSCS gold card.  See here for further information.  If a site worker has not achieved the  qualifications needed to apply for the gold card then the red Experienced Technical Supervisory or Manager card should be considered.  See here for further information.

Is the Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment available in other languages for those whose first language is not English?
The new award is regulated by Ofqual and is therefore assessed in English, Welsh or Gaelic.  If you need advice on the delivery of the new award in different languages we recommend you contact your local training provider for advice.

How much will training and assessment for the new Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Award cost?
The cost of delivering the new award will depend on your previous experience. Total cost for delivery comprises pre-assessment, training and award assessment. For experienced Labourers the majority are likely to be pre-assessed by your training provider and move on to award assessment with no, or very little, need for further training. We recommend you contact a training provider who will advise on the amount of training required following a pre-assessment. Remember, if you have a valid certificate for the one day Site Safety Plus Operative training course you already qualify for the new Labourer card if you have also passed the CITB Operatives Health, Safety & Environment test within the past two years.

As more questions are raised the CSCS will add them to the frequently asked questions page of the Green Card Changes section of their website.