Frequently Asked Questions

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if a company is a genuine member of Interlay?


Our Members List is always kept up to date with any changes that occur within our Membership.  If you have any doubts about a claim nof membership, you may check out our False Claims listing and if the company does not appear on either list and claims to be a member of Interlay, please contact us with their details and we will look to investigate this further. All members receive a dated certificate signed by both the Chairman and the Secretary.

Is there a member in my area?

If you cannot find an Interlay member in your area, many of our members cover wider areas – have a look on our Members List to locate one close to you. If you are still unable to locate a member or have any questions, send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will help you to find a suitable company. We are more than happy to assist you.

I have had my drive block paved by a company that knocked on my door – they had done other drives in the area and they looked ok – I felt a bit pressured, but agreed in the end. I have started to experience problems, but cannot contact the company with the number they gave me – what should I do?

Unfortunately, this is a far too frequently asked question. If you have any doubts or feel pressured when considering having  any work carried out or considering any work to be done, our advice would be to select an Interlay member. Do your research before you make a decision. Always ensure that you have an office address and an office number for them.  If you find yourself in the situation that you cannot locate the company and you start to experience problems, your only option is to contact Trading Standards. If you select an Interlay member you have security and peace of mind in the event you may wish to raise a complaint with the installer or raise a matter that requires resolving if any problems should arise our complaints procedure enables a smooth resolution from our members.  Interlay members strive to promote and maintain the highest professionasl standard at all times.  Interlay are the only Independent Association of Paving Contractors.

I’m not sure what I want – how can I decide?

Our members are more than happy to advise and design the perfect look for you. Look at some catalogues, browse our Members websites and get some ideas.  Interlay members have a vast experience of many different designs and are trained to carry out the work to a high standard. They enjoy variety as much as you do, so make the most of their knowledge. Check out our gallery for some great ideas for transformations! Interlay members are happy to share their ideas, their designs and their time with you to create the right design to suit your requirements for your home and to istall that design to perfection.

A satisfied customer make for a happy Interlay member.