Exciting News at Interlay

As the Easter Holiday starts and the weather has a real ‘Bank Holiday’ feel to it, it’s time for some good news for Interlay and for all members of the Bradstone and Brett installer schemes.

Interlay is re-positioning itself to provide support to installers, suppliers and others working in the installation industry. As the only independent paving contractors’ trade association, Interlay is the over-arching trade association for our industry and will now be focusing on contractor’s needs for their business and employees, rather than operating as a source of direct recommendation for consumers.

The current manufacturers’ installer schemes already ‘vet’ their members and there is no sense in replicating this process as it only leads to higher costs for the contractor, and therefore the end customer. Interlay now offers recognition to contractors on supporting approved schemes where the vetting has been deemed sufficient and the aims of the scheme are in line to those of Interlay.

During recent weeks, Interlay have been in discussion with the management at Brett Landscaping and Bradstone and have agreed to allow auto-enrollment for their members and that, from tomorrow 1st April 2018, all members of these scheme will be given FREE MEMBERSHIP of Interlay for a one year period! Now that is a ray of sunshine in these colder days before spring really gets going.

During the next week, we will be transferring members details onto this website – so please bear with us will we get your details onto our systems and we will be in touch.