About us

Founded in the late 1980’s and taken under the wing of the British Precast Concrete Federation in 2003, Interlay is the non-profit, independent association of paving contractors. We are dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest professional standards in the industry. All Members are vetted before being given the ‘Seal of Approval’, which ensures consumers are given the peace of mind when choosing the best layer.ABOUT US 1

Interlay provide membership on an ‘approved installer’ basis, either by out own vigorous vetting procedure, or by vetting and approval by supporting installer schemes. These currently include the Brett Approved Installer Scheme and the Bradstone Assured Installer Scheme. Our ‘seal of approval’ is the reassurance that your paving project has been entrusted to a reputable contractor with the necessary skill to install it to the required standard, but should any member not live up to your expectations, be assured that the installers’ recommending installer scheme will be able to discuss resolution of any potential difficulties. Alongside this, Interlay membership can raise the image and reputation of those professional block paving contractors able to meet our strict qualification criteria.

Apart from a professional commitment to a top-notch installation every time, Interlay members can handle a wide range of block paving applications. Whether driveway, footpath, estate road, traffic calming measures, container ports or aircraft hard standings, the expertise of Interlay members will ensure a professional, attractive and durable installation every time.

Furthermore, Interlay members’ skills range from traditional hand-laying methods for smaller areas, to mechanised techniques used to bring time and cost savings on larger applications. In fact, no job is too big or too small for Interlay members.

A comprehensive listing of current members is maintained on this website, as well as a listing of known ‘False membership claims‘, always check for membership and report false claimants, to help protect others from fraudulent claims.


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