Code of Practice & Complaints Procedure

Code of Practice imageInterlay Code of Practice

Interlay Members do not just ‘join’, they agree to uphold the good reputation of the Association, to carry out all work in accordance with all relevant standards and in line with the established good standards of the paving industry. They agree to work safely, considerately and in a tidy and professional manner.

Interlay members agree to conduct themselves in accordance with the Interlay ‘Code of Practice’ which is designed to help you, the customer, have confidence in the abilities and behaviour of your contractor.

In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, Interlay members have a strict Complaints Procedure, backed up by monitoring and assistance from the Association to help you resolve any difficulties within a reasonable time.

Interlay members agree to conduct their activities in accordance with the Interlay Code of Practice and to resolve any problems in line with the Interlay Complaints Procedure. If you feel a member is not conducting thier activites in accordance please contact the Interlay office and we will mitigate to resolve any issues you may have.

To view the Interlay Code of Practice please click on below link;

Interlay Code of Practice

Interlay Complaints Procedure


Interlay aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

Should we receive any complaints with regards to our memebrs or their work we endeavour to ensure our members rectify and resolve the complaint within an acceptable and sufficient period of time.

We will do our very best to ensure that the complaint is dealt with professionally and efficiently at all times.


Interlay will remain un-biased to both the Member and their client – as we are the only Independent Association of Paving Contactors who strive to promote and maintain the highest professional standard at all times.



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