Choosing an installer

When looking for a layer, some common ‘bad signs’ are;

  • Only a mobile number or ’08…..’ number, no fixed land line is available
  • ‘No fixed abode’ – if they give you an office address, make sure it exists!
  • Nice Website – but no address or fixed land line telephone
  • ‘We are working in your area and are going to be doing the house over the street’ – check that they are actually going to be doing the work they claim, ask the neighbour if the claim is true
  • ‘We have some surplus blocks and can do you a good deal’ – it can happen, but it’s not very likely
  • ‘We can only take cash’ – Do not pay with cash unless you actually want to and understand the risks, always make it clear  to the layer that you will pay by cheque or credit card and, once this is agreed, stick to it. Contractors who deal only in cash quite often have something to hide.
  • Claiming to be a member of a professional organisation – Check them out! All professional organisation have websites like this one to help you identify genuine members. If they are claiming membership of Interlay and are not members, please let us know – we always try to follow up on false membership claims to help protect the public
  • Unable to provide references – get references and check them out, talk to the property owner to make sure that the layer actually did the work and is not claiming credit for someone else’s skill and professionalism
  • ‘I am a member of Interlay, but the landline is down and I have a new mobile’ – if they are members, then they will contact us and get their details updated on this website.