All change for SuDS

All Change for SuDS 1

The above article is a new Interpave update on developments in the SuDS arena, that has been published in the Housing Association Building & Maintenance magazine and is reproduced with their permission.

In an about turn the government has annouced an alternative approach to implemerting SuDS using the planning system in an attempt to fast track implementation after long delays.Chris Hodson reports on this.

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As previously reported by Interpave (, these measures will help to encourage integration of multifunctional SuDS into larger new developments as a key design issue, which should benefit concrete block permeable paving. However, in isolation they may prove ineffective, as local authorities are already failing to follow existing planning policies and regulations, and may well continue to do so.

To view the recent minsterial statement regarding SuDs please click on the below link.
sustainable-drainage-systems minsterial statement 18-12-14

Interlay give thanks to both Interpave for allowing us to use this article and also to the Housing Association Building & Maintenance magazine for publishing it.